Our New Verona Range and Review

Most of you have been following this journey we've been on over the past few months of completely remodeling the kitchen in our new home. We turned what was the original dining room and part of the kitchen seen below in to a much more open kitchen area and we are so happy we did. It took a lot of planning and researching the products that we have used in our kitchen space.

One thing that we were sure of was that we wanted a professional oven range and it had to be 36 inches. We also didn't have the square footage to add in built in double ovens so we would have to figure out a way to incorporate that in to the design. The problem that most of you know, is that professional ranges are so expensive and then you throw in a double oven, GULP!
Not to mention, the reviews on most of the more popular mainstream brands leave a lot to be desired. So what to do? I mean in all honesty, we didn't have $8000-$10,000 in our budget for a range and I was weary of spending less on an off brand that seemed to be made in china by the same companies but with a different name on them. We were stuck.
That is until I found the Verona. They are made in Italy and I honestly couldn't find much information about them at first. After lots of time searching the internet for information, I decided to just search Instagram instead. Thankfully, I found quite a few reviews on the range and I was able to see real life photos!! One of the reviews I read was from The Faux Martha. I have followed her for quite some time on Instagram and after her raving review of her own Verona duel fuel range, which means gas stove top and electric oven, I thought this might actually be the one for us and for far less than the other brands I had been researching.
I finally made up my mind and purchased the Verona 36" double oven with dual fuel and 5 burners. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped and prayed I had made the right choice.
We have had the range for a little over 3 months now and we are so happy with it. I'm actually quite blown away with what an incredible range it really is. The front burners are both 12,000 BTU and the back are 6000. The center is between 1000 to 16,000. If you want power then this is it but with the back burners being just right for lower temps and simmering. The other thing that I noticed with a lot of the other pro ranges was they didn't have timers on them. Okay, so I'm not a professional cook and I wanted a clock and a timer. The oven has multiple settings including a defrost setting and for those that wonder just how much you can fit in the larger oven? Well, we fit our 20lb. turkey in there for Thanksgiving without any issues at all.
Like me, you will probably have to buy new cookie sheets because your standard size won't fit but I found the perfect size at Target with no trouble at all. 

Another option with the Verona range is the Chef's Pak.  Watch more about it HERE. The Chef's Pak includes a stainless griddle, spatula, super thick cutting board, electric thermometer, steamer kit, and oven mitt. We love it! The griddle is such a great addition to the range for cooking eggs and I'm sure so much more but if you know me at all, then you know I pretty much want to eat a sunny side up egg on everything these days...Everything!! 

We love the steamer because we steam so many vegetables around here and we love seafood so it has been used quite a lot for both. 
We are so happy that we decided on the Verona! It has been a such a wonderful addition to the kitchen. It's not only beautiful but works perfectly. We have had zero issues with the range and I don't anticipate any to come in the future. Just a little more information about the range is that we chose the 2" backplate that you can see just behind the burners above. An 8" backplate is another option if you have a combustable wall behind the range like we did here below before the soapstone was installed.  You can compare both photos to see the difference. 
I'm hoping this review and information on the Verona Duel Fuel Double Range gave you some of the information you may have been searching for when looking for a new range. I would highly recommend this range and I know that we will continue to use Verona in our homes in the future. I still can't believe that its not as well known in the states yet but hopefully that changes soon. 
I saved the best part of this post for last because Verona Appliances has been so kind to partner with me on a giveaway for you all!! Head over to my Instagram account to enter to win your very own Chef's Pak!! 
You can follow this link HERE to enter!! 

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