A toddlers room with Chasing Paper

You may remember my last collaboration with Chasing Paper back when we made over Emma's room here below. I can't say enough about this wallpaper. The quality is so good. Thick paper with an adhesive backing that basically seems like a giant sticker that is so easy to apply to the wall and comes right off. Trust me I'm no pro when it comes to wallpaper but I was able to apply this so easily and even when I messed up a little, I was able to peel it off and start again. A product that allows do overs....I'm loving that all day long! 

 Last year we received the most adorable personalized sign for Everly from Gingiber and I fell completely in love with this little bunny. So much so, that when I had the opportunity to work with Chasing Paper again this month, I couldn't help but choose the leaping bunnies paper that was created by the founder of Gingiber
 The paper arrived and I got to work. Once again it was a breeze to put up. I think it took me a little less than two hours to do this one wall and thats with multiple mom question interruptions! 
It really is the sweetest design and Everly has even decided to name each and every bunny before she goes to bed at night. Oh my, it takes awhile!
She loves pink so this was the perfect compromise to this mama who loves her white rooms. I have always believed that my kids rooms should show their own personalities so pink it is! Its such a soft and pretty shade and those bunnies are the cutest.

 Because we no longer have a playroom in this house all of her toys are kept in her room. Its pretty wonderful and actually how I grew up. No one had playrooms in the 80's....well not in the town I grew up in anyway, so playing in their rooms seemed like the natural thing for my kids to do. I use a lot of bins and baskets to keep it all neatly tucked away and we also donate all of the old toys to make room for new ones. Besides, I don't know what it is about little girls toys but they are all so teeny tiny I don't need to store any big items. I love that!! 

Her new little bed has worked out so well. Its wider than a traditional twin bed and has completely stopped the falling out of bed which was happening way too much. Not only that but it also extends to the length of a twin so it will grow with her over time. 

It makes my heart so happy to see her little room coming together and I am so happy to work with Chasing Paper again. This paper is such high quality and at a great price too! I really can't wait to add some more to our home in the near future.....now to decide where?!!

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