Kitchen Design for #8

In case you're new around here, we have recently sold our last home (you read more about that here) and are currently staying in an apartment while we prepare for the next move in to our new home.
We are super excited about the new house and my mind is going crazy with ideas on how I will approach the new design. I know I want simple, clean lines and modern but still with a bit of that farmhouse feel.
The first real major project will be the kitchen. So many ideas that I had to really narrow down what features we as a family would benefit from but also keeping it simple and not going completely bananas. We do have a budget after all and even though it would be so nice to have that $5000 range sitting there staring at me all day... its not really encompassing with our goal to simplify.
I know we want a large island because we, or really I should say he, as in my husband does the majority of the cooking. We also want to invest in a nice oven range. We will no longer have the double ovens like in our old kitchen so its important to have a range that will be able to handle all of the cooking/baking in one.
I'm going back and forth on the sink I want a farm sink again? Brian says yes, Im not sure. That is to be determined.....
I want to incorporate my three favorite elements of design, white, black and wood and so I'm thinking reclaimed wood island? Of course I'm going to stick with my first love Carrara marble and even though I would love to be adventurous with the cabinet color this time around, I know me. I will always love a white kitchen so white cabinets it is.
Oh another thing that I really kitchen sink in front of a window. This will happen:)
We have a lot to think about and if you have been following me on Pinterest you will know that I'm pinning like crazy.
Here are just a few inspirational images that give me all the feels and hopefully are a little foreshadowing of whats to come for the new little house 8.

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