Why we Sold our perfect home

Our seventh home. Thats where the name came from you know...House Seven. It was here where I finally figured out what I really kind of knew all along. My passion is in interiors and even though  from as far back as I can remember I would spend hours sifting through home decor magazines and reading interior design blogs it wasn't until we moved here did I realize my gift. I mean I was obsessed with my great aunts floral sofa when I was all of six years old but it took me another 30 years or so to really get it! Yikes.

But now its here and I'm more passionate about it than ever. Thankfully this house made it happen for me. It was the canvas that I guess I had needed to really allow my creative side to flourish and it was here that my husband and I realized that we love to work on interior projects together. Its been pretty wonderful living in this house and watching the progress and how its evolved from where it began. So what do you do when you're super happy with your home and you've dedicated hours upon hours remodeling it and all your sweat, blood, tears and money working to make it perfect? 
I guess if you're us, you just go ahead and sell it! And thats what we did. We sold it.

Why? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to? Did you have to? What would make you sell such a lovely home?
Peace. It was all about peace. Peace for our family.
And it was about the feeling of having less. Less things. Less bills. Less everything to make more of something. That something is our lives and we wanted to free ourselves of the stuff to make more room for the memories we could create by not having so much stuff to take care of.
Am I making any sense at all?
So let me tell you a little story of how this all came about.
One day I was at Walmart. I was already grumpy that I was there and after parking my car I noticed a boy who may of been about eighteen putting shopping carts away. Right away I made a snap judgment about him, it wasn't kind and I'm not proud of it. But as I was leaving the store and getting in to my car I heard someone say "Thank you Ma'am, have a nice day." I turned around to see and it was him, standing there smiling at me and with the kindest eyes. I'M A JERK! I'M A COMPLETE JERK!
I drove home thinking about what a jerk I was to judge him without a thought. I was also thinking about how his shoes looked very worn and that he was probably working there to make a better life for himself. I'm such a jerk.
Thats when I started thinking about our own situation. Why did we have so much and not appreciate it? Why did we need all this stuff and for what? To keep up with everyone else around us because it wasn't helping us. All of it wasn't making life any easier. We were working our tails off to have stuff. In that moment all I wanted to do was to change. Change my thinking. Change our situation. Change our lives.
Why not make a change that would help us to eventually free up our time and money and use it to help people when and where we could and not waste more time working to only gain more items that would only cause us to do more work? It was God moving in me. I could feel it.
After much conversation and tears and lots of prayer we got serious and listed our home with the most amazing agent and it sold in a week! We closed on the house thirty days later and then we paid off every single last bill we had. Every single one! The feeling is beyond freeing.
The next thing I did was sell almost every piece of furniture we owned. I kept most of what the girls have because I wanted to make sure that where ever we ended up it would still feel like their home. But most everything else was sold because I have to follow my first rule when it comes to design and I don't believe in trying to make items you purchase for one home try to work in another. Because I didn't know where we were going I felt like it was the perfect time to start fresh and start thinking about a completely new design for the next house. But I did know we were headed to an apartment for a least a little bit of time and I could only take what would fit. I have to say that going from a five bedroom home full of stuff to only what will comfortably fit in a small three bedroom apartment feels pretty darn amazing.
So now what?
We promised that we wouldn't compromise what we were looking for in our new home so we decided that instead of rushing in to anything we would wait. We honestly just couldn't find anything that was meeting all of our criteria and even though it hadn't been that long it was becoming a bit discouraging. That was until one night while looking through the endless amount of houses that I had seen so many times before when I saw it. The next day we made an offer and I am happy to say we are moving to our new home in August! It is exactly where we wanted to be and moving there feels like home already.
It's so exciting and scary all at the same time. We still have some time before we move so I'm using it to concentrate on the new design because the first project is the kitchen. How I love a good kitchen reno!!
But more than that we are free. Free of the stuff, free of the bills and free of the pressure. I have the freedom to stay home with my girls and work on my business at my own pace. We have more time, and more money to help others when and where we can now. We have that peace we so desperately needed and all it took was selling our beautiful home and replacing it with this beautiful life.
God is good and he has blessed us with a new home that I am so excited to share with all of you. I just hope you will continue on this journey with me because I'm so excited for whats in store!

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