Combined Laundry Room and Kitchen

We have only been in our little apartment for a few weeks but the one thing that has become quite clear in this short amount of time is that our laundry room needs to either be in or very close to our kitchen in the new house. But why would I want to do that, you ask? Because it works! Like it works so perfectly I can't even tell you!
Our old house had the laundry room on the second floor near the bedrooms and that was okay but honestly I didn't spend much time up there. I am, like most moms, in the kitchen...all. day. long. and if I'm going to be on top of the biggest chore I have, well then it needs to be accessible to me all. day. long.
The first thing I do every morning now is wake up, start my coffee, take out the load I put in the night before, throw it in the dryer and start the next wash. Then I go about my day but I always make sure that I'm starting a load of wash right before bed to keep the routine going. I don't use a laundry bin anymore because A. we have no place to put it and B. in my opinion all that does is create more laundry in the long run...its like prolonging the inevitable and then you have so much to do it feels like an overwhelming task. No thanks.

So now I just keep a regular size laundry basket on top of the dryer and I do two loads a day. Usually a whites (all we have are white towels) and I alternate my dark and color washes. I also don't wait for super full loads anymore. I used to wait and than I would pack so much in the wash it would take a day and half to dry and fold it all. For two weeks now I haven't had more dirty laundry than what can fit in this basket at one time....its glorious!
As soon as we come home from the pool, its straight in to the wash for all of the towels and suits. No more out of sight out of mind laundry for me. This is why I am so obsessed with this kitchen/laundry room set up. Its so easy to keep the pace when its right there in front of you.
Well this has me on Pinterest and blogs searching for the right set up and one that would work the best for me. I am the launderer after all...
Here are just a few that I have found that I think could work quite well.

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