New Entry and Front Room for Best Clients Ever

One of the reasons for starting my styling business is that I felt that there wasn't anyone out there for the "regular" gal like me. I would of loved to hire someone back when I was still trying to figure out my design style. Just for a bit of guidance so I had a plan of attack when it came to my home and how I wanted to execute the design. It actually would of saved me quite a lot of money in the long run instead of making so many of those small but worthless purchases on items that I ultimately didn't love or that didn't work with the design of my home. 
Thats why it makes me so happy to work with clients like #thebestclientsever who don't need an entire home makeover but instead just some tweaking with what they already own and all the while staying with in a reasonable budget.
This particular couple just wanted their once empty entryway to feel inviting and welcoming as you stepped in to their home but didn't want to spend a ton of money to do it. Thats where I came in. I helped them select items that would warm the space and make it feel cozy. One of the things the client knew they wanted was this awesome grasscloth wallpaper for the entry that we had chosen good, right! I love the way the blue paper and the molding work with each other to make a bold statement as you walk in the front door.  Once the paper had been installed we needed some furnishings. Ikea and World Market are two of my favorite places to shop when I am looking for something modern but well with in a budget. 
World Market Console $299 
(but $225 in this case because they always run a they are now!) 
World Market Chairs $319 for 2 (on sale for 35% off..$208!)
Once the main pieces were in place now all they needed was some quick styling. I switched out the clients vases for these lamps and added a basket, both from Tj Maxx. Most of the time when I style a clients home, I am shopping their home to see what else that I can use that they already own. I found this vase and added in some branches I picked from the woods down the road from their home to bring in a little texture. I love how the greenery is reflected in the mirror. 
Lamps $80 for 2 (similar here
Basket $13 (similar here)
The clients also had this front room that they really wanted to use but it just didn't feel inviting. 
The first thing I did was rearrange the furniture and pull it away from the walls to create a space for conversation. I added in the coffee table and the curtain panels.  The clients also happened to be  having a party the following day and needed some quick styling, so I headed over to the local Homegoods to see what I could find and here is what I came up with...I literally had an hour to pull this off! How I found pillows that coordinated with those chairs perfectly is beyond me!! Thank you HomeGoods! 

I love the way it all turned out but what makes me the happiest is that they love their new entryway  and front room and that they are actually using those spaces in their home everyday now. 
Best feeling ever! 

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