Source List - Dining Room

I've been meaning to get this source list of my home together for awhile now and the best way I can manage to get it done is like everything else in my room at a time.
I have spent many months up to now creating spaces in my home that feel cozy and warm but with far less things to clutter and ultimately create more work for me.
So many things have been taken away and with each piece that goes I can breath a little better, my mood is lightened and my family is reaping the benefits ten fold.
The realization that less is best didn't happen overnight. In fact it has taken months of perusing through pictures on IG and Pinterest for me to realize that the pictures that wowed me were the ones with minimal items in the space. Light and white was my thing.
Now I can be a bit extreme with my plans sometimes and because I could see myself dumping my entire house upside down and getting rid of it all I had to restrain myself and find the balance. Now I approach my home design by concentrating on each item in the room and if I feel like it's adding something positive to the space or if it is taking away? Basically, I'm asking myself these three question's a lot...
-Do I love it?
-Does it make me happy?
-Would I buy it specifically for this space?

If I'm answering no then it goes away and I mean like the Goodwill away or the trash. I don't hold on to things for the "just in case". Because that creates more work by having to store it or in our case having to move it somewhere else. Which costs money. I don't want my things to own me.
The truth is that I have never regretted getting rid of anything. Not one thing! Out of sight, out of mind!
Well all this explanation is leading me to my source list for the house. Seriously.
The Front Room
Our front room has been set up a million different ways and for awhile now it has been a dining room. The longer we have lived here the more I have taken away from this room and the more it makes me feel at ease. I mean look how little there is to clean in here. I even brought the rug to the basement storage just for now. I will use it again in this room but for summer months, I wanted it to feel lighter. Not to mention the floor is so much easier to clean with out it in here and I love that!
Table//World Market {similar here}
Lighting//Table Lamps//HomeGoods {similar}
Large Prayer Beads//West Elm (in store display)
Large Glass Jar//Target
Small Glass Jar//HomeGoods
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree//Allisonville Nursery
Large wicker basket//Goodwill
Mirror//HomeGoods {similar}
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