Missing the Boat

This is one of those posts where Im most likely going to ramble a bit so feel free to check out at anytime. This is the post that Im writing because I felt the pull to write one and although my initial thought was to finally get the post up about our DIY planked floors, when I went to write it and then edit my photos I realized that my Lightroom membership had expired and now will take sometime in the next 24 hours to start up again! UGH. 
But I thought, Im going to write something anyway. Which leads me to this...staying focused on the goal while everything seems to be swirling around you. 
I have a major goal and one that I have prayed daily about....Oh, please God lead me down the path that is best for my family. Not the one that I think I want, but the one that will make me a better wife, mother, friend. 
I've been working a regular full time job from my home for the past four years and although it can be rewarding it is not where my passion lies. I want to be creative. I want to be around creatives. I want to create and be imaginative and use this gift that God gave me to create something better. I want to make everything around me beautiful and functional and comfortable. Not just in my own home but for others too. I will do this, I am doing this. But this is the thing. I am still working my full time job which has been a real challenge in balancing it all. 
 My husband is my greatest support and he has pushed me and convinced me to give up the full time gig during the day and go full force with my styling services. It scares me a little but Im doing it. 
Life is too short. Something that has been a constant reminder for me as of late. 
So, I'm now in the final stretch of my last days with my full time job while still being a mommy and a wife with everything that comes with it. I am also staying up late working on this little design business, trying to find time to blog with something worthy of you reading it. 
It can be exhausting but so liberating and exciting at the same time. I can't remember the last time I felt this happy. 
But there are those days when I feel like I'm missing the boat. Like I waited too long and it left me on the dock. I unknowingly allow myself fall into the swirling abyss of my own mind where I think I'm too late. But then I have to remind myself that this is my one life and I have to make it wonderful!
So as I write this little motivational message to myself to stay focused, stay positive, don't allow my own mind to make me feel like the possible is impossible, I hope it will give you a little push to do what God is calling you to do.
What it is that makes your soul sing out loud! That one thing that you have hesitated to do because your mind has tried to convince you that you missed the boat! Oh friend, there are so many more boats!! 
Hang in there, I'm not alone, you are not alone. We so easily get discouraged by the perceptions of what others are doing and how they are holding it together so perfectly. We so quickly convince ourselves of these things just by looking at one glossy image that was strategically placed on our Instagram feed. Oh you know what I'm talking about. 
I needed this pep talk, I hope it helped you too. 
Have a wonderful day my friend and stay focused...you are amazing, you will be amazing at whatever you chose to do. You haven't missed the boat.  

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