Inspire DIY Reveal

It's Monday and the day for all the big reveals for our Inspire DIY Challenge and I couldn't be more excited to see what everyone has been working on! 
I posted this little sneak peek on Instagram last night and today I get to show you my finished project but not before I remind you and myself what she used to look like.
and NOW!
This DIY was done in 4 easy steps!
1.Paint Stripper
2. Sand
3. Furniture Paste
4. New Pulls 
The first thing we did was use paint stripper to take all the paint of and then it was time to sand her down. Sorry about the grainy pictures...eek...this is what happens when you take a picture in a very dark garage! 

After quite of bit of sanding she was starting to look even better.
 I won't lie, Brian did all of the sanding!
The next step was Minwax Wood Paste Finishing Wax rubbed on with a clean rag.
We changed out the pulls from the old broken ones to these new rubbed bronze ones. 
Then it was time for a little styling.
I added in the lamps from Homegoods and these sweet little ring dishes from TJ Maxx. I did steal these black lamp shades from our room so I'm thinking I will need to buy a few more now. Some of my own artwork , and what I mean by "artwork" is I painted some quick lines on card stock and then Sharpied another. Oh, and of course a succulent...I kind of love them everywhere. 

I will confess this was a super quick little DIY and honestly those are my favorite kind since I have absolutely no patience. This INSPIRE DIY CHALLENGE was so fun and exactly what I needed to get it done! 
Check out the other reveals today from these super talented bloggers and hopefully it will give you the motivation you need to finish that project that has been waiting on you! 
Good Luck!

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