Tassel Blanket Tutorial

You all I have been wanting this blanket from Anthropologie!!
Like a lot!
But with the price tag being a little steep for my liking, I decided to make my own!
I already had a blanket that I had purchased from Target awhile back. Nate Berkus for that matter, so totally cute!
I thought it would be perfect to add navy tassels to the navy trim already on the blanket.
While at the grocery store, I finally remembered to pick up the yarn and now I was ready to go!
Besides the yarn, you will need all these things below, along with some scissors.
You can see I already made a tassel here.
You need two pieces of cardboard. I used roughly 3x5 pieces for my tassels.
Take a piece of your yarn, a little longer than your cardboard and place it sandwiched between the
Now start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard....the more you wrap, the fatter the tassel.
Now pull the piece of yarn sandwiched between the two pieces of cardboard and tie a knot 
and cut the bottom strings.
heres your tassel!
Now its time to tie a knot around it and finish it off
here you can see where your tassel top is...this is what you will sew to the blanket.

Your string is tied around the top and this is what your tassel looks like now.
Before I sew on the tassel, I like to give them a little trim to keep them nice and neat!
Now just take a little needle and thread and sew them on. 
There you have it...a sweet little tassel blanket at a much better price!

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