Chairs....a small obsession

Do you have something you constantly gravitate towards when styling your home?
Maybe its rugs, lamps, baskets?
For me its chairs...
I can't stop. 
I just love me some chairs and I love pairing them up with a new piece of furniture. I'm constantly switching around the chairs in my home. 
Recently I found this image
Oh and I seriously died because I  L-O-V- E all of it! Every single thing!
Well,  if you follow me on Instagram you have seen this image on my feed because I shared it with the question...."what do you think of these ghost chairs?" 
My oh my I should have known the reviews would be mixed but never did I think I would get so many that totally dislike these the response was "yuck" by some. 
Now believe that I welcome all of this certainly can't put something out there like that and expect all answers to agree that they are as fabulous as you might think. 
I love that there are so many differences in what is beautiful in design. It creates a world of variety and opens up our design geared minds to maybe some things we wouldn't have thought of on our own. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all!
So all the response got me thinking that maybe thats not the direction I want to go in after all. Although, I'm usually pretty confident that I know what I want in my home. I felt it wouldn't hurt  to open up my mind to other possibilities.
Here are some other ideas I've thought about for our kitchen table.
These I stole from the dining room just for a minute. I'm in love with these RH ones below and considered purchasing four of them for this table but then I wonder if they are too close to the dining chairs?
I used to have the parson chairs at the table but it didn't function well for us. Way too many dirty hands around here that see white chairs as giant napkins for those little hands!
It was so pretty but not functional.
So I switched to these...
Its funny because when I made this change everyone said "NO!! We like the others better!"
 But then they grew on everyone and when I considered the Ghost Chairs above.. again, it was "NO!!"
So I borrowed one from my friend just to see....
Well, I like it. My husband admits they are more comfortable then the metal chairs but he doesn't particularly like them. Thankfully, he doesn't care much about what I put in the house so I have free reign to do as I please. 
So after all this, what have I decided?
I guess to just leave the white metal ones for now. They do function quite well...clean up is a breeze and I guess I will do the smart thing and wait to the kitchen reno is complete before I start to style it!
So hard though!!!

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