Understanding the Farm Sink

So this is our current sink situation below..... (insert sarcastic tone) lovely right?!?

When we built this house I begged the builder to please install a farm sink before we moved in. That was when I was under the delusion we could use the drop in one from Ikea. That was before I understood cabinet sizes and how not every sink fits in every cabinet. No laughing please.
Because they are not a custom builder, the answer was no and so we decided that it would just be done later. Well, later has stretched out to two years now and yesterday I finally ordered our sink.
The reason this has taken so long isn't because we weren't in any hurry, it was that its been a total pain trying to figure out how this was all going to go down!
 Our cabinet is a standard 33 inch. But its wedged between the dishwasher and a 90 degree corner! Ugh!
Trying to figure out how to retrofit a standard farm sink with a 9 inch front apron was leading us to one road block after the other! The company that made our cabinets didn't offer a 33 inch apron sink cabinet...only 30 inch or 36 inch and having new doors made wasn't really something we wanted to do.
Whats a farm loving sink girl to do!?!?!
Well things finally started looking up when I stumbled across this
 Say hello to the Kohler Whitehaven cast iron self trimming apron front sink!!
I think she is the prettiest! I would love to have a deeper apron but at this point I will take it because not only does it give me the look I want, its actually going to fit in our existing cabinet!
The front of the apron is only 6 11/16 inches so its a perfect fit but the bowl drops to 9 5/8 inches so I will still get that deep basin sink I have been longing for.
Im so excited to finally have a sink on the way and our small kitchen reno underway!
Now its time to chose a faucet and Im thinking about something like these below.
I can't wait to keep you all updated on our progress....talk soon!

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