New Ikat fabric and a Chair!

I don't know about you all but when I find a fabric I love I want it everywhere. I've been looking for some new Ikat fabric for awhile now and I finally found some that I love. I also like to change up the pillows on my sofa frequently because it sets a new tone for the room and its very cost efficient! 
I'm really working on a more organized home with a lot less stuff to fuss over so each purchase has to be made with actual thought involved! 
I love how neutral the new pillows keep the room and as you can see the amount of color in here is becoming less and less. If you have figured me out at all, well then you know I'm perfectly fine with that. I can appreciate lots of color in other peoples homes and kind of envy it. But its not what I gravitate towards.  I have also discovered that a more neutral palette makes me feel calmer and way more comfortable which is in my opinion exactly how your home should make you feel. 
In my need to declutter I added some boxes to the bottom of the book cases to keep my ever growing magazine collection a little tidier.  My husband questions my need to keep issues of Domino from 2006 but you all don' you:) 
Something else you may have noticed is that the rug is gone! 
Well, its not gone completely, just relocated to the upstairs because our lovely little terrier likes to do unmentionable things to it and my hearts stops every time I see something else he has done! So for now we are rug free and yes my anxiety level is lower but I dislike not having a rug in here so I'm doing a little research and I will share what I come up with! 

Lastly, my new chair from TOV furniture. Oh what a beauty and at 34.5 inches across it's become the perfect snuggle chair for me and my girls! I have this idea lingering in the back of my head about possibly one more in here with a linen Chesterfield....hmmm, a girl can dream! 
We'll see what happens with all that!

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