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Ever since I can remember I have loved interior decor. 
I remember one time when I was probably around twelve years old. We had gone to see a family friends home and it was my first time visiting. I will never forget being completely transfixed on the decor in the home. I was in awe of the floral window treatments, the white tiled countertops and the babies nursery...all white and wood! When we returned home that night I asked my mother if I could do some decorating of my own? She gave me the go ahead, so off I went, tearing off the backs of Readers Digest to frame and hang in my bathroom, stealing pink and blue heart wreaths hanging on the wall in our home to hang in my room. I even begged to have a peg rail hung in my room so I could hang candles from it! Okay, it was the early nineties people! 
  It felt like it was just something in my blood. It was that thing..dare I say.. I was good at for no particular reason. I wish I would have harnessed this talent years ago. But never say never! 
All this reminiscing does have a point to it.....
I'm so happy to announce that House Seven Design is open for business
and I could not be more excited!
This is something I have wanted to do for some time now and finally I feel like the moment is right!
House Seven Design is specifically for someone looking for help styling their home and making it the way they have always envisioned it.  My goal is to assist you in all your styling needs on any budget! I would of never have thought I could afford a interior stylist. That is why my rates are set so that I can be available to just about anyone in need of help with their home decor! 
If you are interested in House Seven Design Services, I would love for you to contact me! 
You can visit my services pages above or fill out my 
E Design questionnaire.
 I look forward to working with many of you in the coming future, helping to make your home styling needs complete and creating a space you'll love!

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