Art work made by ME!

I get bored with the inside of my house real fast. Im in it all day everyday and I get sick of staring at the same things all the time. My friends think Im crazy because every time they come over, something has moved and there is something new in its place.
I would love to have a budget where I could change out my furniture and accessories once a year, okay who am I kidding?! More like once a week!
I've been on a bit of a blue kick lately and after I did a little rearranging yesterday to make room for the new door {that hopefully will be finished soon} I decided that the family room needed a pick me up. I guess that meant in the form of some new art work. I use the word "art" loosely here since I'm the master painter behind the work! 
I grabbed some heavy water color paper, painters tape and a bunch of paints and got to it!
Taping the outer edge of the paper keeps the painting clean and tidy and the end result is a much crisper and prettier {in my humble opinion} piece of art work.
Disclaimer: be careful when pulling off the
So after a do-over I ended up with two new pieces of art for the wall and I'm quite happy with them.

If you like this idea as much as I do, then check out this blog here. She's the one that inspired me and she has some pretty cute art work of her own!

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